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We couldn’t achieve what we do without you.

Home is where the heart is and the heart of RMHC WA is its volunteers. They are university students, corporate professionals, mums, dads, retirees; all walks of life giving back. Our ‘Blue Army’ share a passion and joy for helping fellow Western Australian kids and their families when they need it most.

Volunteer Roles

We have a range of volunteer roles available to suit your needs, skill set or interest.

  • Family Ambassadors
    Our Family Ambassadors are the friendly faces who welcome guests to our Ronald McDonald Houses. They have a knack for phone etiquette and love chatting to the incredibly brave families we support.
  • Activity Agents
    Activity agents facilitate play and recreation at our Ronald McDonald Family Room at Perth Children’s Hospital Fun On Four. You’ll be sticking, crafting and playing all day!
  • Pathfinders
    Hospitals can be confusing at the best of times, let alone when you’re looking after a sick child. Our Pathfinders help visitors at Perth Children’s Hospital and King Edward Memorial Hospital find their way to appointments and provide directions throughout the hospital.
  • Paw Pals
    Gus, our canine Director of Hugs and Pats loves all the attention he can get. Our Paw Pals have a ter-ruff-ic time being a friendly companion to Gus and taking him for walkies.
  • Movie Mates
    Heat the popcorn – it’s Movie Night! Movie Mates help coordinate and supervise our Saturday movie nights at Ronald McDonald House Nedlands. And they get to enjoy the movie too!
  • EdHeads
    Our Learning Centre is filled with colour, craft and fun ways to learn. Be part of the learning fun and you help children to not fall behind on their learning. You may even learn a thing or two!
  • Froomies
    Families visiting our Ronald McDonald Family Room at Perth Children’s Hospital love seeing a friendly face, and that could be you! Help provide support to the WA families using this facility.
  • Green Team
    Do you like the outdoors? Our Green Team help maintain the outdoor spaces at our Ronald McDonald House Programs. We promise all your friends will be green with envy when you join this team!
  • Dinner Squad
    The favourite meal of the day! Join the RMHC WA families as they settle in for dinner. Help them find everything they need and support the culinary team busy cooking away in the kitchen.
  • Fabbie Cabbies
    Our Fabbie Cabbies are Uber-level important! They help transport our families to appointments at medical facilities, travel depots or local amenities. Plus, they get to roll around in some pretty cool Hyundai wheels.
  • Team Rise n’ Shine
    Laundry day is one of the most important days of the week. Team Rise ‘n’ Shine help support the housekeeping team by coordinating laundry for Ronald McDonald House.
  • Domestic Gods and Goddesses
    As the name suggests our Domestic Gods and Goddesses have a knack for being clean. They help support the cleaning team by ensuring a high standard of cleanliness through the House.


Apply To Volunteer Today

Fill out our Volunteer Application form to register to become a member of the RMHC WA ‘Blue Army’ today!

Photo of volunteers in the kitchen at Ronald McDonald House Perth Children's Hospital
Photo of a volunteer in the kitchen at Ronald McDonald House Perth Children's Hospital

Volunteer News

Find out more about Volunteer news here.

Acknowledgement of Country

Ronald McDonald House Charities WA proudly cares for families on Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land, the Noongar People and the Traditional Custodians, the Whadjuk People.

We pay respects to Elders past and present for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia.