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How To Stay

We’re here to ensure your family feels supported and cared for

Keeping the family together can be challenging without support, which is why we offer accommodation for parents with seriously ill children who need to travel to Perth for their child’s treatment, or for mother’s going through high risk pregnancies.

We try to accommodate the needs of families where we can, but accommodation is always subject to availability. Priority is given to families whose children have been recently diagnosed, seriously injured or who require emergency treatment, and families traveling long distances from their home.

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Eligibility Criteria

To receive supported accommodation in one of our Ronald McDonald House Programs, families must meet eligibility requirements. Please note all accommodation is subject to availability.

Ronald McDonald House Nedlands

Supported accommodation in Ronald McDonald House Nedlands is available to families who meet the eligibility criteria for the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS). This scheme supports regional families who are required to travel to Perth to seek medical treatment for their child or expecting mother.

Click here to learn more about eligibility for PATS.

Ronald McDonald House in Perth Children’s Hospital

Ronald McDonald House in Perth Children’s Hospital offers overnight accommodation within the hospital for families of critically-ill patients. Accommodation in this program is managed on a critical-needs basis and is prioritised for:

  • Parents of transplant patients
  • Parents of palliative care patients
  • Parents of critically unwell patients
  • Breastfeeding mothers of unwell babies
  • Royal Flying Doctors service unplanned admissions
  • Parents from regional areas (the aim is to accommodate these families at Ronald McDonald House Nedlands in the first instance or when the next room is available).

To stay at Ronald McDonald House in Perth Children’s Hospital, a referral from a social worker or medical authority is required.

Request A Stay

To request a stay within our Ronald McDonald House Program, enquiries can be made by phone on (08) 9346 9000 or via email here.


Our Team are happy to help answer any questions you or your family may have. Please reach out to us via the contact form here.