Image of Volunteer Megan

Volunteer Megan enjoys being a KEMH Pathfinder

With the reopening of King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) back to our volunteers, we would like to introduce you to Megan, one of our longstanding volunteers and proud Pathfinder!

Megan said she loves her existing role as a Pathfinder at Perth Children’s Hospital and is keen to replicate its success at KEMH.

As an ex-nurse, she is still dedicated to helping people and has a strong connection specifically to King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH).

‘I missed not working. I used to work in KEMH as a midwife and that’s what brought me to the Pathfinder role.

This is a very new connection, which is quite strong for me,’ Megan said.

The role of a Pathfinder is helping to alleviate stresses for many people setting foot in hospitals and trying to find where they need to go.

‘I like helping people when they first come into the hospital, giving them direction, and having an immediate effect.

Especially when mothers come in with new babies, I make sure they know where necessary facilities are, as well as getting them to the right destination.’

Megan loves that she can connect with her community whilst helping people who are sick or injured.

‘I feel like I’m helping, even if it’s only a little bit.’

She shared her love of volunteering for us long-term and encouraged more people to get involved.

‘There are lots of opportunities for everyone. You always get that sense of fulfilment and being part of something enormous.