Volunteer Estell is an NICU Nurse

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the local community and give back, but it also gives people the chance to kickstart their career.

Did you know 95% of employers believe volunteering is a great way to gain real-world experience (i) and serves as an advantage in job interviews?

That’s exactly why Estelle, paediatric nursing student, started volunteering at RMHC WA.

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and in intensive care.

And with RMHC WA you get that hands on experience with kids and you see kids going through treatments.”

Estell could see herself making a difference in the lives of families around her through volunteering and this motivated her even more to become a nurse.

One in five people who volunteer, do so to gain experience or skills in their desired future workplace (ii).

With roles such as EdHeads, Green Team and Dinner Squad, there are so many opportunities to gain industry experience and knowledge across a number of sectors at RMHC WA.

For Estell, the Blue Army was a place to grow her communication skills and confidence in talking to families as a Froomie, helping her become industry ready.

“Everyone who wants to be a nurse should volunteer.

I chose parent accommodation, because I knew you would get to talk to parents who were going through really tough times, and that’s something I really wanted to help with.”

Estell graduated in December 2022, stepping straight into her dream role, with the experience she needs to be a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Perth Children’s Hospital.

Recruiters say that volunteering can be just as credible as paid work if it’s in the relevant industry (ii).

”Now, being on the other side with those parents and having the experience of talking to them in the past and being there as a person to talk to has built my communication skills as well as ability to have those really challenging conversations.”

Estell continues to volunteer with the Blue Army at RMHC WA, while balancing her nursing career.

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