When faced with illness or injury, a child can quickly fall behind in their learning due to lengthy hospital stays, doctor appointments and many days absent from school. This can have a devastating impact on their confidence, self-esteem and prospects.

It’s vital that every young person who has had their life disrupted by illness or injury, receives support to learn, thrive and reach their potential.

Thanks to you, a qualified teacher can help a student like Patrick build vital numeracy and literacy skills and grow in confidence for a smooth return to school.

Patrick’s Story

Patrick was about to start high school when he needed urgent brain surgery to stop frequent and dangerous seizures due to epilepsy. Recovery was challenging and Patrick missed the first crucial weeks of Year 7.

After Patrick and his family returned home, mum Elyse was overjoyed that we could provide Patrick with weekly tutoring sessions with a qualified teacher to catch up on his missed education.

We’d left Ronald McDonald House to return home, but we didn’t feel forgotten. It felt like Patrick still really mattered to everyone. The Ronald McDonald Learning Program team knew Patrick well from his two-month stay and could match him with a tutor who could get the best out of him - Elyse, Patrick's mum

Without support, many children who face extended periods of absence from school, through no fault of their own, struggle to regain their confidence and self-esteem.

How can you help kids like Patrick?

For many ill or injured children and their families, leaving our accommodation is a milestone of mixed emotions.

There’s excitement for the return home and apprehension at leaving a supportive community they’ve come to rely on.

The return to school brings additional hurdles for sick kids, including ongoing medical treatment, emotional strains, and the challenge of catching up academically.

How would our wonderful boy learn at school if he couldn’t remember teachers’ names or where his classrooms were? How can a child recover from brain surgery and thrive at the same time? As Patrick faced these huge hurdles, Ronald McDonald House Charities WA was there, letting us know we didn’t have to do this alone. They told us Patrick could access 40 hours of tutoring through the Ronald McDonald Learning Program…at no cost! A qualified teacher would work one-on-one to help him catch up at school. I was amazed to learn they had a network of teachers across the state and were able to support students at all levels, even with specialist subjects. - Elyse, Patrick's mum

Every sick and injured child needs the best chance to recover and thrive – including Patrick, who has big dreams for his future.

Elyse’s Story

When medication couldn’t keep Patrick’s seizures under control, we were told the only hope was a major surgery on his brain.

The six-hour brain surgery was in Perth, 3.5 hours from our farm. So, it was such a relief that we could stay with Ronald McDonald House Charities WA.

We only expected to be there for five to 10 days… but there was a complication and we ended up staying for 50 nights!

Our care shouldn’t stop when treatment ends. With your help, our care and support can follow WA families with an ill or injured child all the way home.


Hours of tutoring support delivered in WA in 2023 – an increase of 9% on 2022.

Demand for the Ronald McDonald Learning Program is growing – we need your help so no child misses out.

We couldn’t provide support to WA families without you.

Acknowledgement of Country

Ronald McDonald House Charities WA proudly cares for families on Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, the Noongar People and the Traditional Custodians, the Whadjuk People. We pay respects to the Elders past and present for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia.